Medvise AI is a web-based application for medical documentation and information. Our comprehensive platform seamlessly integrates three key components for efficiency and accuracy in clinical operations:

  1. Recording Conversations between patient and provider
  2. automatically generates clinical documentation
  3. intelligently selects CPT and billing codes

Let’s break down the features of Medvise in detail to provide a better undemanding how each component contributes to hands free clinical excellence.

Multi Lingual Scribe – Medvise recognizes and processes a wide variety of spoken languages from English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi and Urdu. Medvise is designed to understand specialized medical terminology including up to date formularies and can be customized to include unique phrases.

Transcribed Conversation and recording playback – For additional documentation purposes, all patient visits are saved and categorized by date, if need be, you can review patient conversations line by line or listen to recordings.

Automated Data Entry – Medvise takes the information learned from the conversation and will create, categorize and organize clinical notes, assessments, procedures, medications, vitals, tests, goals, summaries, SOAP’s and any additional custom formats.

Ai Powered Medical Coding – Ensuring accurate coding and billing, Medvise analyzes rules, patient encounter information and all documentation to seamlessly handle medical coding for you.

EHR Integration – Medvise’s API gateway will connect with your existing technology partners to seamlessly integrate your solutions with Medvise. Medvise will push complete patient information into the EHR you are familiar with.

Patient Scheduling and Patient Info – Medvise has the ability to add and save important patient information like name, DOB, contact information and more. For simple scheduling, Medvise has the ability to track and create appointments throughout the calendar year for patients in the system.

Simple Software Platform – View Medvise from any web browser on your computer, tablet or phone. Additionally for the simplest hands-off usage, Medvise has a phone application on the iPhone and Android. No additional hardware is required.

Secure and Compliant: Medvise takes is security seriously and is HIPAA and ISO 27001 compliant to protect patient data and all healthcare regulations. Our AI algorithms are developed and deployed with a focus on ethics and Doctor empowerment.

With a complete understanding of Medvise’s capabilities, the next steps should be to schedule additional demo’s and questions regarding our simple implementation or custom feature requests. Our pricing remains the same at 2500 RS. Per doctor per month.


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